The Royal Crest of Hyrule

Main Quest

Objective: Research and Dissect the Story of LOZ and the World of Hyrule

The Master Sword

Hello and welcome to my website dedicated to the LOZ timeline and lore! I've been a Zelda fan for quite a bit, but it's just because I really like the gameplay and it wasn't till about a year or two back where I started learning about the series over arching story. I soon came to realize that the timeline is an a dumpster fire and that you need a degree in quantum physics to piece together why certain games are in certain places and why certain games aren't included. (Fun fact: my favorite game, "A Link Between Worlds", isn't included on the offical timeline which is something that I will never recover from)


In the year of 2022, going into 2023, I will slowly be researching and dissecting the world of Hyrule to make a HOPEFULLY simple and easy to understand layout of everything that you need to know about the LOZ franchise! I'm very aware that this has 100% been done before, but I want to learn basic coding and I would love to research all of this myself so I can add my own personal touch and humor to the understanding of this series.

The Symbol of the Goddess Din The Symbol of the Goddess Nayru The Symbol of the Goddess Farore